Thursday, 26 February 2015

Deal With It || Files


I would like to start a series called DEAL WITH IT || Files
 They would be about everyday situations, and how i personally would deal with them.
I want to help you guys as much as possible.
Please Comment if you think this is a good idea and what situations you want me to talk about.

Zoe xx 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Winter Favourites

Winter Favourites!

Today I’m going to show you my winter favourites. Enjoy!

1.   Butterbear LUSH bath bomb.
I love this bath bomb because it’s very moisturising and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. It smells SO good and is really warming, which is great as winter is cold and harsh on your skin.

2.  Cherry Powerade
Cherry Powerade is great for getting your energy up and giving back minerals that you lose when you’re exercising. This is really useful for me as I do a lot of dance. The new flavour of cherry tastes so good!

3.  Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo
This stuff is great if you have had a busy day and haven’t had time to wash your hair, you can quickly give it a boost and your set. You can also use it to give your hair more volume and freshness. It smells great and doesn’t irritate your skin. Obviously you shouldn’t use this instead of washing your hair, but it’s good to give it a refresh in-between washes.

4.  Fluffy Socks/hot water bottles
Fluffy socks are sooooooooooooo nice when its cold outside, mine are pink and white striped and they are VERY fluffy and warm. Hot water bottles are lovely to have when your sitting by the fire with your fluffy socks on watching a movie.

5.  Zoella soak opera
I love this bubble bath because it smells fresh like the seaside and is really relaxing. You get lots of bubbles from it and they last a long time. I think the look of this bottle is very cute, I love the lace around the edges.

6.  Dashing Santa LUSH bath bomb.
This bath bomb smells of orange, and just reminded me of Christmas. I found this bath bomb to be quite uplifting, and turns a pretty red/pink colour.

7.   Pictures
This month I have been particularly into pictures, I love to have them all around my bedroom. Most are pictures of me and my friends to remind me of all the great things we have done together.

Thanks for reading my blog!
Zoë xx

Monday, 23 February 2015


Our Youtube account is up and running!!
Go Subscribe RIGHT NOW!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Are You Annoyed?

Hey everyone,

Lately I have been posting a lot and I feel as if I'm overwhelming you, puls I am gonna run out of blog ideas soon (if i keep posting at this rate).
So, I am now limiting myself to ONE definite post a week, and a possible 2 posts a week if i'm feeling generous!



Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Things That Are Annoying In Life

Hey everyone,

here are some things that are annoying in life so keep reading. :)

1.) Okay well.... the MOST annoying thing is adverts on the T.V. They take ages to finish and all you want to do is watch your program.

2.) When you have just done your nails and you chip them.

3.) Phone runs out of charge when your really bored and have nothing to do.

4.) When you tie up your hair because you have sports but your hair band snaps!

5.) When you go swimming and you forget you have make up on.

6.) When your in a test and your pen runs out or your pencil snaps.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to comment and share.
Loz xxxx

15 Things To Do When You Bored Out Of Your Mind!

As requested, here is a list of 25 things you can do when your bored out of your mind.

1. Text your friends, but send the message backwards and see how long it take them to figure it out. E.g.  rof elpmaxe (comment what i said below)

2. Prank your brother/sister/s. Be careful not to hurt anyone and make sure you record it and email it to me :) (

3.Make a pinterest account

4. Do some DIY's that you have found on Pinterest. ( There's LOADS to choose from!!!)

5. Visit

6. Send your long-distance friends surprise postcards.

7. Attempt some intricate nail art.

8. Plant a kitchen herb garden. (see pinterest for instructions )

9. Work out to your favourite song .

10. Make a movie.

11. Hang in the park

12. Jazz up your key's by painting the tops with different coloured nail polish.

13. Make some paper wall art,

14. Watch a movie.

15. make a den!


Zoe xx

Monday, 16 February 2015

quick and easy hair styles

Hey everyone,

I thought i would write a blog about some quick and easy hair styles to do when your in a rush. These will only take a few minuets and you only need a hair band and a hair brush to do these! So simple right?

Okay so for the first hair style you will need two hair bands a hair brush and a hair clip. So firstly brush your hair through until their are no knots left, Then choose one side of your head that you want to put the plait on. Firstly, take a small section of hair from the front of your head and starts to plait it until you reach the tips of your hair. Secure it with a hair tie and just leave it for a few moments. Next, with the rest of your hair you do a big plait, make sure its nice and tight. Once you have finished that then you secure that with the other hair tie. Finally you then take the hair band out of the small plait. Then place the small plait on the side of your head the same side of your plait and then get a the hair clip and put the plait in place.This hair style is super easy!

The next hair style is what i like to call lazy day pony. This takes hardly any time and its so easy! Just scrape your hair back to a tight pony and then grab a strand of your pony and wrap it round the pony tail to cover the hair band then secure it with a hair clip. If you want to make this a bit messier, which i always do, pull out little strand and pull the hair foward to create a few little bumps. Then done!

I hope this helps and if you try any of these out then comment please! xx

thanks loz xxxx

Whats On My Iphone?


Here's a run down of all the apps I have on my Iphone:

Iphone 4s
IOS 8.1.3

 So On this slide of my home screen I have:

BBC Iplayer:
Rate- ****
Use this app alot to catch up on my favourite tv shows, like waterloo road ect.
Sometimes runs quite slowly but I'm mostly blaming this on my slow as hell WiFi.

Rate- ***
I use this app when I don'thave my laptop close to hand. Does the basic tasks of writing a blog post etc, but i would like to have some more features e.g. Stats/ Pageviews/comments

Crossy Road & Daddy Longlegs:
Most addicting games ever.

Rate- ***
A bit slow and annoying sometimes.

I just use this to chat with friends and show my selfies to the would (ahahah)
Love this app, its so easy and simple to use.

Minecraft PE:
I do love a bit of minecraft. Fun to play when you have no wifi, can't really fault this app.

Video star:
Just a fun free app to use, has lots of cool filters and makes awesome videos.

Rate-***********************************************************(only meant to do 5 stars but oh well :P)
I LOVE YOUTUBE. Its like a tv show with never-ending episodes!If YouTube didn't exist anymore I'd probably die.

Not useful in anyway and will be deleted soon.

lets me put cool backgrounds on my pics, but looks a bit cheap.

Love this app, its kinda like a blog but better?
We were gonna move our blog over to tumblr but.... meh :]

What is there to explain?

Kinda just have this to see when youtubers videos are going up :P is that bad? like my whole life revolves around youtube.

Just use this to chat with my friends when i can't use skype on my laptop.

Selfie centeral overhere!

Use this to find new ways to spruce up my room and organize my stuff xx

My links:

Find me on:

Twitter- @icqcoldzoe
Tumblr- @ourcuteuniverse

Thanks for reading :P

Zoe xxx


You can now find us on YouTube.


Which animal are you? II Quiz

Click HERE to go to the quiz :)


Hey everyone,

I thought i would write a blog about my top 5 favourite songs! If you have any of the same favourites please comment. :)

1, Okay so my first favourite is: lay me down Sam smith,
2, My number two is...... Love me like you do Ellie Goulding
3, So..  my third favourite is....Hold back the river James Bay
4, Moving on my fourth is... Wildest dream Taylor swift 
5, My finial one is............... Home Gabrielle Aplin 

Okay so there are all top 5 songs and if you like any of these please comment. Hope you enjoyed my blog and ill see you soon, loz xxxx

Sunday, 15 February 2015

What type of person are you II Quiz

What type of person are you II Quiz

You will need to remember your answer for each question.

1. How many good friends do you have?

A. A small but close circle
C. A couple

2. How do you normally Spend your free time?

A. Listening to music / texting friends
B. Hanging with my friends face-to-face
C. Chilling in my room

3. if you had the choice, Which of these would you wear to school?

A. Jeans and a t-shirt - Most probably from new look etc.
B. My new dress and a shed load of make up.
C. I'm not really bothered.

4. Do you like group work?
A. Only when i'm with my friends.
B. YES, then i don't have to do all (any) of the work.
C. No i hate it.

5.  Do you usually buy new clothes every MONTH

A. yeah just a few things that i need.
B. BISH WHET? I buy 12 pairs of shoes a week!!
C. Nahhh my mum shops for me.

Do you own a smart phone?

A. Yeah i've got a second hand iphone
B. Yep, iphone 6 +
C. Yeah but its an old android, does the job- i'm not bothered.


Count up your score:

Mostly A:
The Normal gal.
You know how much is too much. You always work well in a team. You know everyone in your friendship group really well.

Mostly B:
The Queen Bee.
You generally want to be the centre of attention and have lots of friends. You spend most of your time out and and about with your friends. Be careful in the future if you like to spend alot.

Mostly c:
The shy one.
Your happy with a couple of close friends to keep you company and like to think yourself. You don't like being in a group as talking to strangers is sometimes daunting.

Thanks for reading :) 
Zoe xx

lush bath bomb :)

Hey everyone,

Okay so i have recently tried out this luxurious bath bomb and its amazing! The colours in the water are so pretty! If you haven't tried it please please do!! Comment if you have and tell me what you think about it.

Im keeping this blog short and sweet, don't forget to comment and share thanks! :)
loz xxxx

Wall Art DIY x

Hey everyone,

Today i thought i would write about some room DIYS. If you have a blank wall in your room then i have a few tips to share with you guys! I hope you enjoy this and keep reading!

Okay so... if you have a wall with nothing on it then i have a few ideas that you might want to use. so the first thing is wall art.          
So the first thing you need to do is get around 48 photos and print them all out. The just place them on the wall with some blue tac but this is only rough. Once you are happy with the shape you can then get some double sided sticky tape and actually stick them down. I hope you like this idea but can i just say the shape doesn't have to be a heart!

This is kind of the same route with wall art again but this time its paper hearts attached to string then stuck to the wall. You can either dangle them or you can just stick paper hearts to the wall with no string its entirely up to you. So all you need do is find different colour pieces of paper then cut them out into hearts but again you  can cut them into something different. Then just attach string to the heart with either sticky tape or glue.

I hope you liked these room wall arts! comment and share, thanks loz xxx

DIY make up storage

Does your make up look like this?

Well im gonna help yu get organised :)

1. Find some old jam jars and clean them.

2. Glue some coloure paper round them.

Tidy your make up into each jar :)

Simple :)

Please share and comment 

Zoe xx

My posting time table

Hey everyone, 

I have come up with schedule on when i write my blogs. 
So i will definitely be able to write every other day maybe even more times if some thing is bothering me or i need to tell you something. Hope this is okay, :)
Dont forget to comment and share, 

Loz xxx

Ways To Get Your Hair To Grow FAST!!

Hey everyone,

I have been asked to do a blog on how to make your hair grow quicker so here are some top tips! I hope you enjoy and if you want any other tips on anything else don't forget to comment!

Number One: So the most obvious one is to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This helps get rid of any unhealthy hair or split ends. You don't need to get to much cut off only enough to get rid if the dry unhealthy hair.

Number two: After washing your hair you probably brush your hair to get rid of all the knots. Well, its much better to comb your hair because when you brush your hair, without noticing you will loose many strands because when the hair it wet it knots easier meaning then you brush harder and more hair falls out. When hair falls out this is really unhealthy for your scalp so why not give combing a try?

Number three: When you wash your hair with shampoo instead of just washing it massage the shampoo into the scalp this will stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and help hair grow faster.

Number four: Drink plenty of water because water is healthy anyway, but it helps hair grow faster! This is because it gets rid of any bacteria.

Number five: Wash your hair with cold water because heat is bad for your hair as it dries it out quicker and split ends are more likely.

Number six: Eat lots of eggs in your diet because are a fantastic source of protein and your hair is basically made up of protein so its really good!

Number seven: you also need vitamin A for your hair growth so sweet potatoes are an excellent source.

Number eight: some other foods which make a huge impact on your hair are: Avocado, meats, all different varieties of nuts, vegetables (all of your greens!), all of the fruit especially blueberry, strawberries, lemon and oranges as they all have vitamin C.

Number seven: Things not to do:

Never be rough with your hair because this can pull hair out and brake it! This is really bad for your scalp. You might think that your hair is really strong, however its actually really fragile and as i have said already that your hair becomes more weak when its wet.

Don't use loads of different products on your hair and most people don't know the damage its causing. It can lead to having really dead and dry ends, hair needs to breath to grow so don't pack your hair with lots of different hair products.

Well i hope you enjoyed this blog and comment if any of these things worked. Also comment if you have any other ideas on my next blog.
Thank you,
Loz xxx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Posting timetable

Hey everyone,
I have decided that i will beable to post, for definite, once a week. Hopefully my posts will be quite long.
I may even beable to post twice a week... 

Not sure anout lauren's schedule.

Zoe xx

My fashion

Hey everyone,

I thought i would write a blog today about my fashion and the daily things i wear over the weekends. I hope you enjoy this blog, but if you dont like some of the fashion that i wear just remember that everyone has their own unique style.

Okay so number one:

This is my august birth stone Pandora ring. The funny story behind this is that my birthday is actually in January and that means that my birth stone is Garnet, however i didn't like the deep red that the Garnet stone is so i thought if im going to buy the ring then i might as well get the colour i want!

Number two:

So these are my low top white converse and they are suitable for all seasons and go with everything! They are so comfy and such good quality! I would recommend them!

Number three:

I love skinny jeans but when i found high wasted skinny jeans i could not stop wearing them! They are so comfy and as a fitness point of view i always feel skinnier in them because they are tight around your waste. They are such good value too, you cant go wrong!

Number four:

Next is the red tartan scarf's! I have seen loads of people wearing these over the last few months. They are in all of the fashion magazines. I wear mine everyday because its so warm and snuggle!

Number five:

Frilly socks are so much better than normal socks in my opinion because they add some more pattern and variety when wearing shoes! My favourite should be the black sock with the black frills.

Number six:

These long sleeved crop tops go really well with the outfit with high wasted skinny jeans. I like the long sleeves and the fact that its still a short length.

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed seeing my fashion. Comment on what you think and if you have any of these things. thanks and dont forget to comment and share!
Loz xxxx

Happy valentines day

Hey everyone, Just wanted to wish you all a happy valentines day if your with friends, family, boyfriend, husband or by yourself i hope you have an amazing day. Im at my dads for valentines day and its nice to be with family! Sorry its short and sweet and i hope you all have an amazing day!
 Loz xxxxx

LUSH Twlight Review

I tried the twilight bath bomb for the first time and it was so lovely. Not only is it mesmerizing to watch dissolve but the smell and feeling that it leaves on your skin is amazing. I feel moisturised and relaxed after my lovely bath! It left a slight slimmer on my skin! Will continue to buy and try out the others! I love the colour of this Bath bomb sooooooo much and would highly recommend it. Sorry this was a short blog. Zoe xx

Friday, 13 February 2015

Types of people part 2

 Here's part two of types of people:

The five year old

I hate HATE. These types of people, they are sooooooo annoying. These people hae never grown up, they act like a five year old. They still watch kids tv, not like cool kids tv, like... In the night garden and stuff. OMG don't even get me started!

The selfie king/queen

This ones pretty self explanatory, these people take the best selfies. I mean if they were covered in mud they'd still rock it.

Kindness addict:

These people can't stop being nice. 
They are soooooooooooooo happy all the time, they can't be mean. Everyone loves them but they can get annoying.
Thanks for reading, dont forget to share and comment! zoe xx

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bedroom ideas

Hey guys,

So I thought that i would write a blog about ways to make your room a bit more cosy and tumblr. I hope you enjoy my top tips so keep reading! :)


So lighting makes your room look alot bigger and look more spacious. It makes a huge difference if you have a small room! Also it becomes alot brighter and a cozy place to be. If its winter you can add more warm colours to make it feel more dedicated to that season.  One of my favourites is fairy lights!  So fairy ligths are a must in any bedroom! I find them so pretty and cute! They make any part of your room thats dull or empty feel a lot more brighter and happier!

Beds and cushions 

More cushion means more comfyness! Cushions just make your bed seem lots more comfy and cozy!

Bedroom DIYS

So here are some cute pencil pots that are super easy to make. All you will need is a tin can from baked beans or tinned fruit. Then some coloured paper and pens to put in it! So you want to have a clean tin and then cut out the piece of patterned paper so it fits the tin then stick it to the tin with glue ! 💫 
There are also many other DIYS that can be done for you room such as canvas pictures to go on your wall or ways to put your make up neatly.        Thank you for reading don't forget to share and comment thank you loz xx 🌸

A Few things to brighten your day

Here's a few things to brighten your day :)

1. Who put that there?

Animals are so much kinder than humans



So nice :)


Have a great day <3



Hi everyone,
We are currently trying to create a you tube channel, but its not working at the moment.
We will hopefully get one up and running by next week. 
Thanks xx 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

dont forget to smile :)

Dont forget to comment and share thanks
Loz xx
p.s dont forget to smile xx


Half Term Ideas

Hey everyone, 

Here is some tips on how to fill up your half term if your bored or have nothing to do. The reason why im writing about this is because its our February half term soon so, i thought it was the right time to do this blog. 

Being with friends?
So if your in the mood of being with your friends invite some of them into town or over for a sleepover. You could watch some films and eat loads of sweets and chocolate. You could go on days out shopping or to the cinema or swimming, whatever you feel like really. If your into fashion and make up do nails and makeovers just for a bit of fun. If its sunny go for a walk. (but as we are in winter i highly doubt that!) You could do some baking if its rainy. :) Whatever you and your friends like doing!

Family members?
Im going to my dads in the half term for a few days so if you have any other family members that you want to meet up with then do so. 

Being by yourself?
You might prefer to be by yourself so if that's the case then you could look at you tube videos or make blogs? Or you could literally just surf the internet. Sort out your room, if your one of those people that love to get organised then thats another idea. 

So i hope these ideas gave you a few suggestions or ideas. 
Dont forget to comment and share!
Thank you 
loz xx

Pancake day

Hey everyone,

Just a little reminder that if you forgot then its pancake day on the 17th of February! Just under a week! :)

What is your favourite pancake topping?

I think that mine would have to be lemon and sugar. Let me know in the comments what you favourite pancake topping is?

However your spending pancake day then enjoy yourself and have a great day!
Thank you for reading and dont forget to comment and share.
Loz xx

Types of People Part 1

My Guide to people:


Don't you just hate it how some people are so two faced. I mean, they say your their friend, then the next minute their not! I get that people fall out, but this person does it literally ALL the time... i mean do they actually have any friends?


These people find a problem in everything you do... EVERYTHING. Your just casually eating some cheese and onion crisps... and here they come, gonna find some problem with your food. It's like their personal opinion on EVERYTHING just decides to fall out of their mouth.

Beauty Queen:

Now these people are totally nice, kind and sweet. They are so pretty, i don't even know. 
Us uglies can't even think of being as pretty :/

The smart one
This person knows the answer to everything, whats more they enjoy homework... ! They love being at  school and no one else understands this!

The good girl/guy

There's always one of these ... They volunteer for everything and never get in trouble. They never hangout with the others. They think everyone is their friend but really most people hate them.

The fit guy

There's always a few of these... 
Equipped with a 22 pack and golden hair , this guy never seems to have a girlfriend... Why, just why?

don't for get to comment and share, thanks


Hi From Lozz

Hi everyone, we have decided to create a new blog page to tell you about us and who we are. Im Lauren and my best friend is Zoe. ;) We will update blogs 2-3 times a week. Our hobbies are dance, blogging and just having fun! We are in secondary school and thought it was the right time to start blogging. I hope you enjoy everything we talk about and we will be online most times. please keep reading our updates thank you. Have a good dayLoz :) xx

Hello and welcome

My name is Zoe, and this is the blog i have made with my best friend Lozz.
Welcome to our first ever blog. I really hope you enjoy this xx
Lozz will explain more :)