Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ways To Get Your Hair To Grow FAST!!

Hey everyone,

I have been asked to do a blog on how to make your hair grow quicker so here are some top tips! I hope you enjoy and if you want any other tips on anything else don't forget to comment!

Number One: So the most obvious one is to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This helps get rid of any unhealthy hair or split ends. You don't need to get to much cut off only enough to get rid if the dry unhealthy hair.

Number two: After washing your hair you probably brush your hair to get rid of all the knots. Well, its much better to comb your hair because when you brush your hair, without noticing you will loose many strands because when the hair it wet it knots easier meaning then you brush harder and more hair falls out. When hair falls out this is really unhealthy for your scalp so why not give combing a try?

Number three: When you wash your hair with shampoo instead of just washing it massage the shampoo into the scalp this will stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and help hair grow faster.

Number four: Drink plenty of water because water is healthy anyway, but it helps hair grow faster! This is because it gets rid of any bacteria.

Number five: Wash your hair with cold water because heat is bad for your hair as it dries it out quicker and split ends are more likely.

Number six: Eat lots of eggs in your diet because are a fantastic source of protein and your hair is basically made up of protein so its really good!

Number seven: you also need vitamin A for your hair growth so sweet potatoes are an excellent source.

Number eight: some other foods which make a huge impact on your hair are: Avocado, meats, all different varieties of nuts, vegetables (all of your greens!), all of the fruit especially blueberry, strawberries, lemon and oranges as they all have vitamin C.

Number seven: Things not to do:

Never be rough with your hair because this can pull hair out and brake it! This is really bad for your scalp. You might think that your hair is really strong, however its actually really fragile and as i have said already that your hair becomes more weak when its wet.

Don't use loads of different products on your hair and most people don't know the damage its causing. It can lead to having really dead and dry ends, hair needs to breath to grow so don't pack your hair with lots of different hair products.

Well i hope you enjoyed this blog and comment if any of these things worked. Also comment if you have any other ideas on my next blog.
Thank you,
Loz xxx


  1. Thank you sooooooo much I'm going to try all these techniques from now on cxxxxxxx

    1. thats okay xxx is there anything else you would like me to try out xx

    2. thats okay xxx is there anything else you would like me to try out xx

  2. It would be awesome if u could show how to do marble nails cause I have tried so many times but it never works! Lol xxxxxxx