Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bedroom ideas

Hey guys,

So I thought that i would write a blog about ways to make your room a bit more cosy and tumblr. I hope you enjoy my top tips so keep reading! :)


So lighting makes your room look alot bigger and look more spacious. It makes a huge difference if you have a small room! Also it becomes alot brighter and a cozy place to be. If its winter you can add more warm colours to make it feel more dedicated to that season.  One of my favourites is fairy lights!  So fairy ligths are a must in any bedroom! I find them so pretty and cute! They make any part of your room thats dull or empty feel a lot more brighter and happier!

Beds and cushions 

More cushion means more comfyness! Cushions just make your bed seem lots more comfy and cozy!

Bedroom DIYS

So here are some cute pencil pots that are super easy to make. All you will need is a tin can from baked beans or tinned fruit. Then some coloured paper and pens to put in it! So you want to have a clean tin and then cut out the piece of patterned paper so it fits the tin then stick it to the tin with glue ! 💫 
There are also many other DIYS that can be done for you room such as canvas pictures to go on your wall or ways to put your make up neatly.        Thank you for reading don't forget to share and comment thank you loz xx 🌸

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  1. Really love ur room ideas I'll definitely try them out some time xx