Saturday, 14 February 2015

My fashion

Hey everyone,

I thought i would write a blog today about my fashion and the daily things i wear over the weekends. I hope you enjoy this blog, but if you dont like some of the fashion that i wear just remember that everyone has their own unique style.

Okay so number one:

This is my august birth stone Pandora ring. The funny story behind this is that my birthday is actually in January and that means that my birth stone is Garnet, however i didn't like the deep red that the Garnet stone is so i thought if im going to buy the ring then i might as well get the colour i want!

Number two:

So these are my low top white converse and they are suitable for all seasons and go with everything! They are so comfy and such good quality! I would recommend them!

Number three:

I love skinny jeans but when i found high wasted skinny jeans i could not stop wearing them! They are so comfy and as a fitness point of view i always feel skinnier in them because they are tight around your waste. They are such good value too, you cant go wrong!

Number four:

Next is the red tartan scarf's! I have seen loads of people wearing these over the last few months. They are in all of the fashion magazines. I wear mine everyday because its so warm and snuggle!

Number five:

Frilly socks are so much better than normal socks in my opinion because they add some more pattern and variety when wearing shoes! My favourite should be the black sock with the black frills.

Number six:

These long sleeved crop tops go really well with the outfit with high wasted skinny jeans. I like the long sleeves and the fact that its still a short length.

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed seeing my fashion. Comment on what you think and if you have any of these things. thanks and dont forget to comment and share!
Loz xxxx


  1. Hi could you add on how to grow your hair quicker cause I've tried many different ways and they don't work that's only if u can lol love the fashion xxxxx

    1. aww thanks so much! And yeah sure i have a few tips! have a good day xxx