Tuesday, 17 February 2015

15 Things To Do When You Bored Out Of Your Mind!

As requested, here is a list of 25 things you can do when your bored out of your mind.

1. Text your friends, but send the message backwards and see how long it take them to figure it out. E.g.  rof elpmaxe (comment what i said below)

2. Prank your brother/sister/s. Be careful not to hurt anyone and make sure you record it and email it to me :) ( lozze.contact@gmail.com)

3.Make a pinterest account

4. Do some DIY's that you have found on Pinterest. ( There's LOADS to choose from!!!)

5. Visit  www.boredbutton.com

6. Send your long-distance friends surprise postcards.

7. Attempt some intricate nail art.

8. Plant a kitchen herb garden. (see pinterest for instructions )

9. Work out to your favourite song .

10. Make a movie.

11. Hang in the park

12. Jazz up your key's by painting the tops with different coloured nail polish.

13. Make some paper wall art,

14. Watch a movie.

15. make a den!


Zoe xx

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