Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Types of People Part 1

My Guide to people:


Don't you just hate it how some people are so two faced. I mean, they say your their friend, then the next minute their not! I get that people fall out, but this person does it literally ALL the time... i mean do they actually have any friends?


These people find a problem in everything you do... EVERYTHING. Your just casually eating some cheese and onion crisps... and here they come, gonna find some problem with your food. It's like their personal opinion on EVERYTHING just decides to fall out of their mouth.

Beauty Queen:

Now these people are totally nice, kind and sweet. They are so pretty, i don't even know. 
Us uglies can't even think of being as pretty :/

The smart one
This person knows the answer to everything, whats more they enjoy homework... ! They love being at  school and no one else understands this!

The good girl/guy

There's always one of these ... They volunteer for everything and never get in trouble. They never hangout with the others. They think everyone is their friend but really most people hate them.

The fit guy

There's always a few of these... 
Equipped with a 22 pack and golden hair , this guy never seems to have a girlfriend... Why, just why?

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