Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Half Term Ideas

Hey everyone, 

Here is some tips on how to fill up your half term if your bored or have nothing to do. The reason why im writing about this is because its our February half term soon so, i thought it was the right time to do this blog. 

Being with friends?
So if your in the mood of being with your friends invite some of them into town or over for a sleepover. You could watch some films and eat loads of sweets and chocolate. You could go on days out shopping or to the cinema or swimming, whatever you feel like really. If your into fashion and make up do nails and makeovers just for a bit of fun. If its sunny go for a walk. (but as we are in winter i highly doubt that!) You could do some baking if its rainy. :) Whatever you and your friends like doing!

Family members?
Im going to my dads in the half term for a few days so if you have any other family members that you want to meet up with then do so. 

Being by yourself?
You might prefer to be by yourself so if that's the case then you could look at you tube videos or make blogs? Or you could literally just surf the internet. Sort out your room, if your one of those people that love to get organised then thats another idea. 

So i hope these ideas gave you a few suggestions or ideas. 
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Thank you 
loz xx

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